Network and Application Penetration Testing


Before you can truly trust your organization’s security controls and defenses, it’s important to understand which targets are available, attractive, and meaningful to attackers. A network penetration test simulates the actions of an anonymous hacker and/or a skilled insider.

  • Firewalls and other perimeter defenses may not let you know if your applications are being attacked, or if they have already been compromised.
  • Automated scanners cannot understand business logic, role based access controls, or how your application services and components interact with each other.

We employ a thoughtful approach that takes into account the purpose, usage, architecture, and data sensitivity to plan and conduct a meaningful penetration test of networks, web and mobile applications, APIs, and other online services.

If you are looking for a network or application penetration test to support a compliance audit, an insurance requirement, or to better understand and protect your business and its data, please contact us. We will clearly describe what we can do, how we would do it, and what you will get out of it.


AdeptSec Specializes In Penetration Testing.
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Adept Security Consulting is new, but our experience is vast. With over 20 years of experience in the information security field, our founder has performed hundreds of network and application penetration tests for government and commercial organizations.

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